SHAKE Climate Change Programme News & Updates

Latest News & Updates from the SHAKE Climate Change Programme

Shortlisted - Charity Collaboration of the Year

A unique, effective collaboration for real change

With a belief in entrepreneurship as a force to solve the world’s biggest problems, grew an exceptional and extensive collaboration between Societe Generale UK Foundation (SGUKF) and Rothamsted Research with University College London, Cranfield University and the University of Hertfordshire.


SHAKE is unique in the UK – not only as the sole research-led seed investment programme for Agritech start-ups with a positive impact on climate change but also due to the collaboration of its many partners and contributors. SHAKE’s success is down to their collective efforts and determination, which have designed and delivered the programme together from scratch - bringing their unique perspective, ideas, areas of expertise and networks to make the programme what it is today. SHAKE is truly ‘more than the sum of its parts’.

For that reason, we are especially proud to have been recognized by the prestigious Charity Times Award and shortlisted for the Charity Collaboration of the Year Award alongside 5 other impressive initiatives.

The challenges of climate change cannot be solved alone, and together, we bring a unique combination of agricultural research expertise, technological know-how and strong business experience to enable entrepreneurs to nurture their novel ideas. From drought resistant crops to new farming methods and circular waste solutions, SHAKE is enabling lasting, positive change one innovation at the time.

And the best part is that SHAKE has been set up to become an evergreen initiative that will be self-sustaining and so keep enabling innovation and climate positive solutions well into the future.

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