About the SHAKE Climate Change Programme

SHAKE helps entrepreneurs and start-ups who are combating climate change with science or tech-based ideas in the areas of agriculture and food production

SHAKE Climate Change is a consortium-based programme led by Rothamsted Research that brings together experts from Rothamsted Research, Cranfield University, University College London and the University of Hertfordshire.

Combining agricultural research expertise, technological know-how and deep business experience, Shake Climate Change is an Entrepreneurship programme that invests in the brightest minds and best ideas to ensure food and farming are part of the solution to climate change.

We have a shared passion and a collective ambition to tackle climate change. We have the drive, determination, and courage to push the boundaries of the food and farming industry.

Consortium Partners

SHAKE Values

We aspire to be...


We open the door to an impressive team of hugely influential scientific leaders and commercially-savvy business people. Our scientists are known as important contributors to the farming community – locally nationally and internationally. Our skilful business experts and fellow entrepreneurs bring informed support along with broad and deep experience to the table.


Innovation and experimentation are in our DNA. We champion new ideas and encourage the brightest minds to push the boundaries of farming. We’re must find ideas that will change the world forever.


We’re bold in our approach. We encourage exploration, experimentation and development of new ideas to achieve our shared ambition of tackling global climate change. We offer expert care, advice, funding and support to ambitious ground- breakers and climate change-makers.


We always work together to provide an energetic and intellectually stimulating environment, one that focuses our fundees to exploring and challenging their idea in depth.


We offer expert care, advice, funding and support to ambitious ground- breakers and climate change-makers.


This work is incredibly important and there’s an impetus to it that demands vitality, energy and passion in everything we do.