About the SHAKE Climate Change Programme

SHAKE helps entrepreneurs and start-ups who are combating climate change with science or tech-based ideas in the areas of agriculture and food production

Our Shared Journey

programme timeline

Phase 1 and 2 attendance:

We require participation in all phases to provide a) peer-to-peer learning network: b) time with scientists and mentors c) capability to monitor, assess and demonstrate impact.

Company funding scheme

Shake Climate Change uses a return on investment venture funding scheme. Start-up funding is provided in Phase 3 of the programme in the form of a convertible loan. Equity investments may also be considered, although only for companies that are more advanced or require capital to overcome short-term, growth barriers. In such cases, the Programme will call on external investment advice as needed to agree companies’ valuation and suitable equity investment structures. Prior to entering Phase 3 all the participants in the programme will be asked to review and approve to the terms of an investment agreement.

Eligibility to enter the Entrepreneur programme

Entrepreneurs must meet two criteria:

  1. Target the agriculture sector with an innovative idea and new products/services that deliver a tangible, positive impact on climate change
  2. Be incorporated in UK (registered with Companies House)

Terms and conditions of the financial support

The financial support provided by the programme is to cover start-up operating cost such as the cost of building a prototype demonstrators, outsourcing software, hardware or other development; conducting customer trials and interviews; patent filing; marketing related cost; staff costs, etc. No additional grant is provided in support of salaries or any other expenditures. These costs will have to be managed and funded from the single funding allocation provided to each team or individual funder.


By summiting your application to Shake Climate Change (SCC) you agree to share your application with SCC staff and the Programme Steering Group (PSG) and Investment panels (IVP). All the above mentioned have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

SHAKE Partners

SHAKE Values

We aspire to be...


We open the door to an impressive team of hugely influential scientific leaders and commercially-savvy business people. Our scientists are known as important contributors to the farming community – locally nationally and internationally. Our skilful business experts and fellow entrepreneurs bring informed support along with broad and deep experience to the table.


Innovation and experimentation are in our DNA. We champion new ideas and encourage the brightest minds to push the boundaries of farming. We’re must find ideas that will change the world forever.


We’re bold in our approach. We encourage exploration, experimentation and development of new ideas to achieve our shared ambition of tackling global climate change. We offer expert care, advice, funding and support to ambitious ground- breakers and climate change-makers.


We always work together to provide an energetic and intellectually stimulating environment, one that focuses our fundees to exploring and challenging their idea in depth.


We offer expert care, advice, funding and support to ambitious ground- breakers and climate change-makers.


This work is incredibly important and there’s an impetus to it that demands vitality, energy and passion in everything we do.